Levuka, Ovalau Island....the heart of Fiji   

                 Levuka, Ovalau..                                                  Levuka, Ovalau...the heart of Fiji                                                                                          

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                                                                       If you prefer to stay in the country side of Ovalau we can offer two different places to go to. 

Ovalau Holiday Resort is a small beach front resort which offers self contained cottages and a fresh water swimming pool; It is located 3 km outside of Levuka following the road to the north in Lawaki Toki.                                                                                                                                              contact: ohrfiji[email protected]   phone: 00679 3440329


Bobo's Farm is an Eco Tourism guesthouse on an organic farm beside the river and  surrounded by rainforest; it is located 12 km outside Levuka following the road to the north  in the beautiful Rukuruku Valley.                                                                                                                                                          see more: www.bobosfarm.com