Levuka, Ovalau Island....the heart of Fiji   

                 Levuka, Ovalau..                                                  Levuka, Ovalau...the heart of Fiji                                                                                          

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                                                                                                                 The Deed of Cession

Once upon a time..........Fiji was ceded to the Queen of England exactly on this location in Levuka in 1874........1970 Fiji was declared independent again on the same spot. It's the 10th of October when we celebrate Fiji Day here.(see more in the Gallery)

On this site you are walking on history as on many other places in Levuka because this town retains many of its colonial buildings and is considered the most intact remaining example of colonial influence and life style in the South Pacific.   

This picturesque town was declared Fiji's first World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2013. (See more of the Heritage buildings in our photo Gallery).